Mammadov Orkhan Yashar was born on 10.11.1978 in Vandam village of Gabala District of Azerbaijan Rebublic.

Between 1985-1996 he got his both primary and secondary educations in Vandam village.

In 1996 he moved to Baku and between 1996-2000 years he studied in the faculty of Decorative and Applied Arts of the University of Art and Culture of Azerbaijan and graduated from the university as an artist-constructor with distinguished diploma.

Between 2000-2002 years he studied at The Art Academy of  Azerbaijan and graduated from the academy as an art critic.

In the university years he took part in several poster competitions and won awards. Later he continued his creative activity as a painter.

Between 2002-2004 years he was busy with copying great masters as Leonardo da Vinchi, Rembrandt, Rubens, Ivan Shishkin, Karl Bryullov and looking for his own creative style.

In 2004 at last he manages to develop up the principles of his own working manner on painting. In his picture, named “Top-to-tail” he manages to create entire tableau by cutting certain fragments of his own canvases and stitching them to each-other logically. Besides oil and canvas, after this artwork threads and ropes becomes the main attributes for Orkhan Mammadov to express his philosophy.

In this new style occuring as a synthesis of oil-painting with patchwork, artist continued his creative activity with such pictures, like “My Dream”, “Portrait”, “Mixed Songs of Landscapes” and so on.

Since 2005 Orkhan Mammadov is a member of Artist’s Union of Azerbaijan.